Short-Term Rentals


Click Here for the Town of Stowe Short-Term Rental Ordinance, adopted February 29, 2024.

The Ordinance will take effect on on May 1, 2025

Beginning on May 1, 2025, the Town of Stowe will require the following:

  1. Register their STR(s) with the Town of Stowe.
        • Registration is anticipated to open in approximately Winter 2024.
  2. Respond in-person within 45 minutes of notification by a Stowe Firefighter or Police Officer regarding any issue or problem involving a Short-Term Rental when the property is being rented or leased as an STR. 
  3. Ensure that the Stowe Fire Department has year-round, 24-hour access to the STR through a Fire Department-approved lock box or other reasonable means of providing immediate access authorized by the Fire Department.
        • If you wish to obtain a Fire Department-approved lock box, click here. 

Contact Assistant Town Manager Will Fricke ( with any questions.


Vermont Short-Term Rental Legal Requirements

  • Buildings that are leased or rented are considered Public Buildings in the State of Vermont, and are subject to fire safety requirements. Contact the Waterbury Office of the Vermont Division of Fire Safety at 802-479-4434. (Vermont Fire Safety Code)
  • The operator must post in each unit contact information for the individual responsible for the unit, the Vermont Department of Health, and the Vermont Department of Public Safety's Division of Fire Safety. The operator must complete and keep on-site a self-certification form prior to renting a unit: Vermont Short Term Rental Safety, Health and Financial Obligations form
  • You will need to collect the Vermont 9% meals and rooms tax as well as the Town's 1% Local Option Tax, unless the taxes are filed and paid by a third party (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.). All short-term rental operators collecting the taxes themselves must post a Vermont Meals and Rooms Tax account number on any advertisement for the short-term rental.
  • If you are serving any food other than pre-packaged, you will need a food and lodging license.
  • If you have 3 or more units, you will need a food and lodging license.
  • If you are creating a new bedroom or an apartment, you will need a State Wastewater Permit. Contact a licensed designer. A zoning permit is needed if you are building an addition for a new bedroom or adding an apartment. Contact the Town of Stowe Planning and Zoning Department with any development or zoning questions (, 802-253-6141).
  • If you are seeking to do business in Vermont as a business name other than your own personal name, regardless of the goods or services provided, you must register your business entity or trade name with the Secretary of State.


Vermont Residential Rental Housing Health & Safety Code

Vermont Department of Health - Health Considerations of Short-Term Rental Operators

Vermont Division of Fire Safety

Vermont Department of Taxes

Vermont Department of Health



Vermont Division of Fire Safety Waterbury Regional Office

45 State Drive 
Waterbury, VT 05671
802-479-4434 or 1-888-870-7888
fax: 802-479-4446

Assistant State Fire Marshal