Development Review Board

The Development Review Board is a quasi-judicial body charged with administering key provisions of the Town's zoning bylaws and subdivision regulations.  The Board is responsible for regulating most commercial development through the administration and interpretation of conditional use standards and reviewing landowner requests for variance from specific development standards.  Regulatory functions also include review of construction in the Ridgeline and Hillside Overlay District and administration of  much of Stowe's subdivision regulations.  The Board also reviews appeals of Zoning Administrator decisions.

Zoning Administrator and Board Administrative Officer Sarah McShane (802-253-6141) does an initial review of all applications, coordinates the Board's agenda and receives all Board correspondence. All official correspondence, including appeals, shall be submitted to the Administrative Officer, Sarah McShane.

Pending DRB application submittals can be found at Pending DRB applications.

The Board normally meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:00 pm in the Memorial Hall at Akeley Memorial Building (Town Hall), located at 67 Main Street. 

Appointed Officials

Drew Clymer, Chair

Mary Black 

Peter Roberts

Thomas Hand, Vice-Chair

Patricia Gabel

David Kelly

Andrew Volansky


Michael Diender (Alternate)

William Ardolino (Alternate)

Lynn Altadonna (Alternate)

Scot Baraw (Alternate)