Applying for a zoning permit?


Step 1: Fill out the Development Application

Step 2: Use the second page of the development application or our fee schedule to calculate the appropriate fees 

Step 3: Use the appropriate checklist to determine what materials are needed in order to submit a complete application

Design Review/HPC Checklist

RHOD Checklist

Subdivision/PUD Checklist

Conditional Use Checklist

Permitted Use Checklist

Step 4: Submit the complete application and fee to Planning & Zoning; applications can be emailed to or dropped off during office hours; please send any online payment receipts with your application submittals. 


If your project requires review by HPC or Development Review staff will notify you and walk you through those processes.

Please feel free to reach out for any assistance with applying, we are more than happy to help!


The Town of Stowe does not have jurisdiction over the Vermont statewide building code. The required building permits are issued by the Vermont Division of Fire Safety. Most construction (except for single-family owner-occupied residential construction connected to a private water source) requires a state building permit. This includes all buildings that are rented (including single-family dwellings and duplexes), townhouses, and all commercial buildings.     Click here for  information on when a state building permit is required.


Please note that other state permits and/or requirements may be required for various projects. You can contact a Vermont Permit Specialist at 802-477-2241 for assistance in identifying all necessary state permits or approvals for any given project.  Click here for information about the Permit Specialist review.

Click here for Vermont State Permit Navigator.