Dog License Information

The license and tag will not be mailed until a current rabies vaccination certificate is on file with the Town Clerk's Office and fees have been paid. 
On or Before April 1st            FEE                     SURCHARGE              TOTAL
Spayed/Neutered                     $ 5.00                           $6.50                    $11.50
Un-Altered                                $ 9.00                           $6.50                    $15.50
  After April 1st                         FEE                     SURCHARGE              TOTAL
   Spayed/Neutered                    $ 7.00                           $6.50                    $13.50
     Un-Altered                               $13.00                           $6.50                    $19.50
KENNEL PERMITS - Grant an owner of two or more dogs the right to do business. The fee is $10.00 and does not provide license(s) for the dogs. Kennel Permits must be displayed on the owners premises. All other licensing fees listed above do apply.
SPECIAL LICENSES – Issued for non-neutered dogs only that are kept for owner’s breeding purposes (not for sale). The fee is $31.00 for up to ten dogs. Additional dogs over 10, cost $3.00 each.