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Rental Housing Health and Safety

The Vermont Department of Fire Safety enforces the Vermont Fire and Building Safety Code, which establishes minimum safety, health and habitability standards that all residential rental housing in Vermont must conform to. Please use the form linked below to make a formal complaint.


Vermont Department of Fire Safety - Complaint Form



Short Term Rental Safety, Health and Financial Obligations

The short term rental operator shall post within the unit a telephone number for the persons responsible for the unit and the contact information for the Vermont Department of Health and the Vermont Division of Fire Safety. This form shall be completed by the short-term rental operator and retained on site. The form need not be filed with the department.


Charles Safford, Town Manager – Town Health Officer

67 Main Street
Stowe, VT 05672

Scott Brinkman, EMS Chief – Deputy Town Health Officer

Public Safety Facility
350 South Main Street
Stowe, VT 05672


Fax reports to 802-253-6137

The Town Health Officer is responsible for:

  • Investigating possible public health hazards and risks within the municipality
  • Taking action to prevent, remove or destroy any such hazards
  • Taking action to mitigate significant public health risks
  • Enforcing health laws, rules and permit conditions, and taking the steps necessary to enforce orders



Vermont Division of Fire Safety Waterbury Regional Office

45 State Drive 
Waterbury, VT 05671
802-479-4434 or 1-888-870-7888
fax: 802-479-4446

Assistant  State Fire Marshal


The Vermont Health Department regulates certain activities and have programs  that are not under the jurisdiction of the Town Health Officer including:


The Vermont Food and Lodging Program investigates foodborne disease outbreaks, and responds to public health emergencies. To report a complaint regarding a food or lodging facility contact the Vermont Food and Lodging Program at 800-439-8550 (in Vermont) or 863-7221 or email them at