Stowe Arts & Culture Council

The Stowe Arts & Culture Council's purpose is to promote Stowe as an arts and culture destination for quality of life and for economic development purposes.

Objectives for the Council are to represent and advocate for the needs and desires of arts and culture nonprofit and for-profit organizations in Stowe, to seek collaboration with the public, schools, municipality, and business community to further their goals through arts and cultural activities, to explore and promote ways to address cultural, social, and environmental issues through arts education and integration and to advise and participate in integration of arts and culture in town planning decisions including the Selectboard, Planning Commission, and other municipal bodies, as well as to encourage commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion across all sectors of the community.

The Stowe Arts & Culture Council will meet on the third Monday of the month from 9:00-10:00am at the Akeley Memorial Room or via Zoom.

Staff support is provided by Loren Polk, Library Director.

Appointed Officials -

Rachel Moore
Carrie Simmons
Marty Fried
Beth Liberman
Seth Soloway
Don Jones
Aimée Green
Barb Baraw
VACANT - Student Representative