2024 Reappraisal


Due to the reappraisal, the first tax due date for this year is September 16, rather than August 15. All other tax due dates remain the same. The reappraisal will also delay the setting of both the municipal and education tax rates by a few weeks, which normally happens in early July. 

The Town of Stowe has just completed a reappraisal of all real properties effective on 4-12024. The last reappraisal was done in 2012. There has been a large increase in property values since 2012 with most of the increase happening after 2019.  Most properties have increased on average 2 to 2.5 times over the grand list values in 2012. A good measure of this increase is the Level of Appraisal (LOA) showing the average ratio of the 2023 Grand List total divided by the 2024 Grand List total.

Stowe’s 2023 Grand List Total, after subtracting Veteran Exemptions, Current Use and Farmer contract allocations, was $24,165,198 and for the 2024 Grand List, the total will be $53,978,453, after subtracting Veteran Exemptions, Current Use and Farmer contract allocations, but including new construction, renovations, new subdivisions and locational value differences. This indicates an LOA of 44.77%. If your LOA on your property is at this LOA%, then the 2024 reappraisal has not affected your 2024 tax burden except for any increase in town budget voted at March meeting and except for any increase in education tax as established by the State education formula.

The Town has placed all the 2023 and 2024 values with the LOA%s on the Town Web Site at www.townofstowevt.org. The listings will be by name and location so that you can compare your value with other values. There will be available in the lister’s office a paper copy of the listings by location for those people unable to use the town’s web site. There will be a $6.00 fee per copy for those people who can print a copy from their own computer.

The Board of Listers would like to thank all property owners who allowed our appraisers to inspect their properties. Should you decide to appeal, the Board expects that an interior inspection will be allowed, if not previously allowed.

The lister’s office will be open for the two weeks prior to Grievance Hearings to answer any questions you may have. All grievances must be in writing or by email to this office by the 9th of July.  We ask that you give detailed reasons for your grievance to help us in making a fair decision on your grievance. 

Board of Listers: Paul Percy, Adam Davis and Jeff Jackson

To schedule an appointment, email Town Assessor Tim Morrissey at tmorrissey@stowevt.gov or call 802-253-6144.