PW Director Harry Shepard
PW Director Harry Shepard

    Akeley Memorial Building, 67 Main Street
    PO Box 730
    Stowe, VT   05672
    (802)253-8770 - Harry Shepard
    (802)253-6153 - Dick Grogan

Harry Shepard, PE - Public Works Director
Richard Grogan - Asst. Engineer, Project Manager
Chris Jolly, Assistant Town Engineer
Highway Department
    River Road, PO Box 730
    Stowe, VT 05672

Steve Bonneau, Superintendent
Road Crew: Daren Small, Foreman,
John Allen, Melvin Wells, Joe Martin,
Jasson Wells, Eric Bates, "Bunker" Hodgdon

Town Mechanic: Greg Adams
Stowe Wastewater Facility
    River Road
    PO Box 730
    Stowe, VT 05672

Greg Lewis, Superintendent
Mark Stirewalt, Plant Operator
Bryan Longe, Chief Plant Operator
Jesse Wilkesman, Plant Operator
Gwyn Wilkins-Mandigo, Lab Technician

Stowe Water Department
    1175 Cape Cod Road
    PO Box 730
    Stowe, VT 05672
Dick Grogan, Water Superintendent
Mike Mandigo, Chief Plant Operator
Allen Ross, Water Plant Operator

Akeley Memorial Building & Public Safety Facility Custodian - Robert Hoadley
Library/HDAC Custodian - Peter Smith


Steve, Joe, Eric, Jasson, Alan, Bunker,  Greg, Melvie & John
Steve, Joe, Eric, Jasson, Alan, Bunker, Greg, Melvie & John

Stowe Highway Department

The Stowe Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 94.8 miles of public roadway in Stowe, including more than 80 miles maintained on a year round basis.  These figures include 1.55 miles of class 1 highway (town maintained segments of state highway in Stowe village), 14.4 miles of class 2 roads (roads providing access to neighboring towns), 65.5 miles of class 3 (Local roads maintained for year-round travel) and at least l3.36 miles of class 4 roads (those not maintained for year-round travel).  Also included in their responsibilities, the Highway crew maintains approximately 37 bridges including two covered bridges.

The Highway Department is staffed with 11 full time positions and is located at the Town Garage on River Road.

Sewer Service

At the 1995 Town Meeting, voters gave conceptual approval to expand the existing  wastewater treatment plant to a capacity of 1 mgd.  In the fall of 1995 voters approved the bond necessary for the construction of the plant and a sewer line up the Mountain Road. 

Stowe’s first municipal plant came on line in 1980 servicing an area encompassing Stowe Village and limited surrounding areas, processing 167,000 gallons per day.  Sewer lines were extended to the Sylvan Park area in 1997 and a year later up the Mountain Road to Cottage Club Road.  The sewer line to Stowe Mountain Resort was completed in 2002.  The sewer service district includes the village, lower village, the developed areas along the Mountain Road and the two ski Planned Unit Developments – Trapp Family Lodge and Stowe Mountain Resort.  Total acreage of the district is less than 3000 acres and currently has more than 700 customers.

The Selectboard acts as Sewer Commissioners, establishes policies and fees, and is responsible for the allocation of treatment capacity.  The Department's operating costs including some capital replacment needs are covered by user fees.  Connection fees are intended to cover the repayment of the debt. 

Sewer Connections

Sewer connection loans can be spread out over 15 years. As of December 31, 2013, this program will no longer be available.  Further information regarding eligibility and connection fees may be obtained by speaking with Public Works Director Harry Shepard at (802)253-8770.  Sewer connection loans are billed through the Accounting Office at 253-0156. 

Five full time employees handle daily operations of the Wastewater Treatment Plant located on River Road which is staffed seven days a week. 

Allen and Mike
Allen and Mike

Water Service

The Stowe Water Department operates the municipal water system which currently serves the village, the Mountain Road to Stowe Mountain Resort and through a cooperative agreement with Fire District #3, the lower village.  Expansion of the water system was approved at the 1998 Town Meeting allowing for construction of a water treatment plant at the Village Green Well and replacement of the main transmission along the Mountain Road to the village reservoirs.  Phase II completed in 2004 added new water transmission lines serving existing establishments further up the Mountain Road and spur lines to existing development throughout the water district.  Additional improvements completed include the replacement of the Sunset Hill reservoir. 

Several other locations in town are served by Fire Districts which were established for the operation of water systems not served by the municipal system.  These areas include Goldbrook; Sylvan Park and the Glenbrook area of Mansfield View. 

The Stowe Water Department is staffed with two full time employees located at the Village Green Water Treatment Plant on Cape Cod Road - 253-6512.  The Selectboard serves as Water Commissioners establishing water policies and fees.  The Stowe Electric Department provides billing services for both the water and sewer usage.  Inquiries can be directed to 253-7215. 

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